Members of the Committee

The Committee is the ruling body of the Entente and is composed of one individual Delegate from each member country. Committee members are required to attend annual meetings to transact the business of the Entente.

Australia Alexander William Grant
Austria Alexander Schütz
Belgium Jan Strick
Canada Olivier Pérot
China Quan Zheng
Czech Republic Jan Spidlen
Denmark Jens Stenz
France Nicolas Perrin
Germany Daniel Kogge
Ireland Conchobhar Ruiseal
Israel Amnon Weinstein
Italy Bernard Neumann
Netherlands Serge M. Stam
Norway Jacob Von der Lippe
Portugal Joaquim António Capela
Spain Laurent López-Morales
Sweden Paul Barter
Switzerland John-Eric Traelnes
UK Peter W.R. Beare
USA Gregg Alf
Bow maker Delegate 1  Germany Klaus Grünke
Bow maker Delegate 2  USA Yung Chin