In Memoriam

We honour these members of the Entente Internationale des Luthiers et Archetiers known to have passed away, and we extend our sympathy and condolences to their families, colleagues and friends.

d. 2019   Paul Martin Siefried, USA
d. 2019   Renato Scrollavezza, Italy
d. 2018   René Quenoil, France
d. 2018   William Watson, UK
d. 2018   Ramon Pinto, Spain
d. 2018   Edith Dittrich, Switzerland
d. 2018   Gio Batta Morassi, Italy
d. 2017   Martin Bouette, UK
d. 2017   Luca Primon, Italy
d. 2017   Bernard Millant, France
d. 2016   Eckart Richter, Germany
d. 2016   Joachim Schade, Germany
d. 2016   Gene Bearden, USA
d. 2015   Peter Paul Prier, USA
d. 2014   Ming-Jiang Zhu, P.R. China
d. 2014   William Salchow, USA
d. 2013   Lise Jørgensen, Denmark
d. 2013   Étienne Vatelot, France
d. 2013   Karl Roy, Germany
d. 2013   Carl Becker, USA
d. 2012   Jean-Frédéric Schmitt, France
d. 2011   René A. Morel, USA
d. 2011   Wolfgang Bünnagel, Germany
d. 2010   Premysl O. Spidlen, Czech Republic
d. 2009   Bengt I. Nilsson, Sweden
d. 2007   Philippe Bodart, France
d. 2007   Hubert Schnorr, Germany
d. 2007   John L. Rossi, USA
d. 2005   Frédéric Boyer, France
d. 2005   Jean Bauer, France
d. 2004   Arthur R. Toman, USA
d. 2004   William H. Moennig, USA
d. 2004   Jacques Français, USA
d. 2003   William Hofmann, Ireland
d. 2002   Henry Lanini, USA
d. 2002   Pier Angelo Balzarini, Italy
d. 2001   Hans Schicker, Germany
d. 2001   Frank Passa, USA
d. 2001   Frank Rudolf Heinl, Canada

The Entente Internationale des Luthiers et Archetiers encourages its members to assist in providing timely, accurate information regarding the recent deaths of members.