Who Are We?
In 1950, the European string instrument makers who created the Entente Internationale could not have imagined that it would today have a membership of some 170 violin and bow makers around the world.

The Entente was established with the aim of bringing together master craftsmen on the basis of friendship and exchange and for taking any steps deemed pertinent to defending their working conditions, developing understanding of their art, perfecting teaching methods for their students and combining the strengths and talents of each member in order to promote a revival in the art of violin and bow making.

Violin or bow makers certified by the Entente Internationale are sure to offer the highest level of professionalism for all requirements related to string instruments, including instrument or bow maintenance, regular repairs, tonality, and restoration of the most prestigious pieces of our instrumental heritage.

You will find workshops belonging to members in most countries. If you are travelling, your usual violin or bow maker, as a member of the Entente Internationale, will always be able to direct you to a fellow member who you can call upon for the same level of professionalism and skill.